Move your body, shape your future

Transform your health today with custom virtual fitness training, health coaching, weight management and more

Move your body, shape your future

Transform your health today with custom virtual fitness training, health coaching, weight management and more


The Best of Fitnetme

Virtual Personal Training

Enjoy a private session delivered by video link in the privacy of your own home! A very popular choice after the challenges clients have faced due to the pandemic.

Pre & Post Natal

Special care needs to be taken when starting or continuing to exercise whilst pregnant.  The same applies post natal with particular considerations to restoring the core. We will work together developing a program that works round your busy schedule!

Health Coaching

You may not feel ready to take on an exercise program yet. By talking through your concerns we can discuss a suitable way forward. Everyone starts somewhere!

General Postural Correction

The demands of modern living often involve sitting in front of some kind of screen. This can exacerbate any niggling pain that could be developing over time. You’d be surprised how a general strength program can help and often result in the pain going away completely.

Peri and Menopausal Training

Taking part in a structured exercise program has been shown to alleviate symptoms at this challenging time. I highly recommend it!

Weight Management

Rather than being on a diet for what seems for ever, I prefer to help clients ‘manage’ their weight. Just the word ‘diet’ can evoke negative thoughts so why not look at it differently? Why not give it a try?


What People Are Saying

I decided I wanted to get more exercise and feel stronger in myself. After nearly a year with Fai, I feel so much more agile and fit. The mental health aspect alone has been great for me, and I have found Fai to be a patient, fun and professional trainer; I am thoroughly enjoying it every week.

J. Longly, Dorset, UK

“I have known Fai the whole time she’s been a PT and she has always been consistent, professional and extremely knowledgeable. You will instantly feel at ease with her whilst working online. I love how she checks in with me during the week and is open to me speaking honestly about how everything is going. Anyone would be lucky to have Fai as their trainer.”

Mary, Alicante, Spain

I have been training with Fai twice a week for the last 3 years. I find remote sessions are easier to schedule alongside my work and home commitments, and also find them as demanding as gym sessions. Fai also has a talent for making each session engaging – including demonstrations of how to perform each exercise and advice and tips on how to improve my form throughout. I can both see and feel the improvements I have made over time, both in terms of muscle tone and self confidence. I really look forward to our sessions each week!

J. Smith, London, UK

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Bespoke Programming

Customized training with consideration of unique & personal fitness circumstances and preferences

Regular Health Discussions

Regular meetings to track fitness progression and growth based on top-notch training

Improved Confidence

With over ten years experience in personal training, Faieeza’s programs will insure improved confidence & limitless potential 

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High Quality Health & Fitness Coaching

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